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30 Year Fixed Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 4.750%  4.895%  0.000%
15 Year Fixed Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 4.125%  4.373%  0.000%
FNMA 30 Year No Closing Cost
 Rate  APR  Points
 5.875%  5.875%  0.000%
FNMA 20 Year No Closing Cost
 Rate  APR  Points
 5.625%  5.625%  0.000%
15 Year No Closing Cost
 Rate  APR  Points
 5.250%  5.506%  0.000%
10 Year No Closing Cost
 Rate  APR  Points
 5.250%  5.614%  0.000%
7 Year No Closing Cost
 Rate  APR  Points
 5.250%  5.751%  0.000%

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Shell FCU offers ideal mortgage financing with low down payment options, no closing cost programs and pick your term solutions. With something to offer everyone, choices include fixed rate purchase and refinance loans for primary residences, second homes and investment properties.

Mortgages at Shell FCU are completed in house from start to finish and each individual receives the undivided attention of a Shell FCU Mortgage Loan Officer to help build their mortgage dream. Rates and options are very competitive with other lenders. Plus, Shell FCU's Mortgage Department strives to provide every applicant with a positively memorable experience. Strong and stable - Shell FCU has mortgage dollars to lend!


Shell FCU offers conventional fixed rate mortgages similar to an FHA mortgage with repayment terms up to 30 years. There are no prepayment penalties, and your mortgage stays with Shell FCU - we don't sell them to other mortgage companies! Our 3% Down | 97% Financing Mortgage can be used to purchase or refinance any primary residence up to $417,000.

See the estimated monthly savings with Shell FCU compared to an FHA loan below:


Primary Residence
15 to 30 year fixed rate terms available with up to 97% financing
5 to 30 year fixed rate terms available with NO closing costs and up to 95% financing
10 to 30 year fixed rate terms available with up to 95% financing

Second Homes
90% financing for second homes

Investment Property
10 to 15 year terms with up to 80% financing for purchases and up to 75% for refinances

Benefits of REFINANCING your mortgage with Shell FCU:

  • Possible early loan pay off or payment reduction
  • Loan stays with Shell FCU for life
  • Potential value increase due to market stabilization
  • Increased equity may eliminate PMI
  • Ask about rolling in closing costs
  • Competitive low rates

Quick, easy and secure online application available or apply in person at one of the Shell FCU branch locations. Call 713-844-1100 for questions or to schedule an appointment with a Mortgage Loan Officer.

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